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Leadership Best Practices - How To Articulate the Present and Inspire the Future

There is a lot of movement in the market as people take on new challenges after a couple of years of stagnation. Many people are moving into more senior roles and being asked to make a greater connection with their new team that is now working in a hybrid environment. We all have stories of people we loved and those others we "learned from" (loathed) working for.

What can you do to start out well that may lead to you being endeared?

When you are transitioning into a new role, try this…

  • Respect the past, and avoid the temptation to talk about how things are broken. The new job you have today was made possible as somebody kept the organisation in business yesterday; they set the foundations for the future. Also, many employees involved in the past will likely be part of the future; avoid alienating these people.

  • Explain the present in simple and insightful language. Any new leader will probably have to do this with multiple audiences. Every time you do this, you will become better at it. Become a master storyteller.

  • Inspire the future, what will be created and why it will be rewarding. Create a sense of meaning and connection to a bigger purpose that is greater than any individual.

Sometimes leaders I am working with will ask - what sort of person they should be?

Themselves is the answer and the above is just a formula. Be yourself and endeavour to create an environment of open communication and avoid the temptation to be a "know it all." A great environment enables people to bring their observations and problems, and a leader's response will set the tone within their team, building the culture.

The environment should have people sharing their thoughts willingly and possible problem areas. In addition, ask them for their views on a solution too. Aim to create an open and solution thinking environment.

Want to read a little more about somebody being in a new role?

Check out this article I wrote for CIO Outlook several years ago about my own experience in a new role.

Leadership best practices, one of the many stories in Making Life Happen.


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