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Is Randomisation Eroding Your People's Potential?

What do I mean by Randomisation in the workplace?

Randomisation is when an employee becomes involved in too many activities. Sometimes this happens to good employees as everyone wants them involved in "their initiative."

Ultimately it can affect their performance, as they achieve little across many things. It erodes people's potential!

When did I first learn of the term?

During my time at Microsoft, a long-time leader advised many newbies they were at risk of being randomised as it is easy to be very willing to help and become involved in many great activities.

Why am I writing about this now?

Organisations have paused hiring or are considering how they can do more with the same number of people.

This situation increases the probability of Randomisation occurring.

What should leaders do?

Be very conscious of what you are asking of people.

Avoid just adding on a task before you consider a person's broader responsibilities.

Have an open conversation with those employees at risk or who are randomised. It creeps up on people. Explain how you are going to recognise their efforts.

What action is required?

Prioritisation and Scale.

Consider the most critical items to be worked upon first, and prioritise.

How could you use this situation to give others a chance to build their capability? When others become more capable, greater scale is achieved.

Don’t be tempted…

As a leader, you need to work “on the business” and not “in it”. You may need to be “in the business” in a crisis. However, avoid the temptation of remaining there beyond the crisis.

An initial observation of 2023… many have begun their year very busy.

Pace yourself, and find the time to separate your work from life.


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