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International Talent To Re-Design and Uplift Your Team

Australia is forecasting 650,000 immigrants by the middle of 2024, lots of international talent!

My wife is the daughter of Greek immigrants and in 2001 we migrated to the UK and became British citizens in 2006. Like many families now, we have dual nationality.

Hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants are forecast to be looking for work this year and next, which will present great opportunities to uplift your organisation’s capability.

As someone who has been building teams for decades, I love the potential of an international team.


These teams have a diversity of thought, enabling an organisation to evolve and become more international and contemporary.

There are five factors I consider when recruiting international talent:

An undergraduate degree in any discipline, generally from their country of origin. It demonstrates the ability to complete something.

Experience within a professional services-based business. This could be a consulting company (e.g., KPMG) or an outsourcing technology business (e.g., TCS). These people have experience in managing relationships and outcomes for clients.

A role within a large-scale corporate organisation, i.e., a bank or engineering business (it could be in any industry). The experience of working in an organisation is different to advising/servicing a business and provides people with broader operational management skills.

Post-graduate study, either completed or underway. The willingness of somebody to enhance their education generally makes them more effective. Often, this study takes people to a place that is different to their country of origin, making them international citizens.

A growth mindset. Somebody with a sense of striving for a better tomorrow and not settling for mediocrity. Many people who immigrate, such as my wife's family, did this for themselves and the generations that followed. These people bring a great deal of drive to a business.

If you are about to re-design your team, consider the internal talent that will soon be available.

They will offer so much to your organisation.

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