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I LOVE lockdown and I feel very GUILTY

Melbourne, Australia is in locked down stage 4. My wife is a hospital auditor, a Risk Manager at one hospital and an A&E nurse at another. Our children are home schooled, aged 15, 13, 9. We can leave home for an hour of exercise or essential supplies.

In our family, I am the only one who likes lockdown. I suspect I am one of the few in the community who do. I feel guilty. I am also eternally optimistic.

My business began in 2019. Year one was travelling to clients, now no longer possible and creating efficiencies, I am virtually everywhere. I am adding value to my clients, who have reduced their expenditure by avoiding my travel costs and a full day rate that I am only working a portion of. Thursday was great; I lectured, pitched and sold another phase of work. And connected with international colleagues.

Also, I walked the streets of my local neighbourhood, had breakfast and diner with my family and did yoga between meetings. It was a super-efficient and effective day. I hope Friday is just the same.

A genuine change is emerging. The students below are developing skills and expectations of how they work and add value to their future employers or clients. We are at the beginning of something!


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