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How to Write a Compelling Book Blurb

Immediately after picking up a book, the thing most people go to read first is the blurb on the back.

It’s one of the most powerful selling points of any book.

My editor advises that a good blurb for the rear of your book should open with a pain point or desire, followed by a sentence or two that addresses it, three to five bullet points of benefits of reading the book and a final sentence about why readers need the book!

I’ll share with you now the blurb for my upcoming book, "Making Life Happen"

You want to achieve more from life, but you’re not sure how. As a result, you stagnate, deviate and remain unfulfilled. Many people feel this way. They’re seeking more of what they value and less of what isn’t important to them.

In his third book, Making Life Happen, David Banger offers professional and personal insights to help you clearly define and move closer to what you want across a range of spectrums.

These include:

  • Using key moments, or ‘dots’, in your life for good

  • Creating a life of learning and harnessing the value of trusted confidants

  • Transitioning to a life of intentions

  • The importance of a life partner and maintaining that special bond

  • Navigating your profession, building a career as an employee or leveraging your skills with a boutique services business

  • Defining a meaningful outlook for the remainder of your life

Making Life Happen is the book to read in your twenties, pick up again to re-focus in your thirties, and re-visit as you seek to re-balance your life in the years beyond.

Expected in October, early previews are available for anyone interested in writing a testimonial.

If you'd like to receive a copy, please contact me.


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