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How to Evolve People and Organisations

A recent social media memory reminded me that my book, “Finding A Better Way", was in its first print run two years ago this month.

Since then, I’ve received messages about the book from all over the world (thank you!), and have been fortunate enough to present its content to thousands of people.

Here are five pieces of research from the book that have the power to change how people think:

Positive Psychology - a balance across the five elements of PERMA contributes to a person's sense of belonging and purpose.

Believability Index - the six components of this study are a sensible checklist for any leader to balance their energies on the activities they undertake.

Effective Teams – Google studied their most effective teams. "Project Aristotle” found five key traits within these teams; when these exist, outcomes are amplified.

Vasa – what is NOT being said within a team will often lead to outcomes unravelling. The Vasa was a Swedish ship that sank before the “Ten Rules of Jante” emerged. The sense of community and the contribution of an individual within it, offers some great principles for any team to consider.

Leadership - respects the past as the foundation of today, clearly explains the current priorities and creates excitement about future aspirations.

I’m continuing to deliver keynotes and workshops on these topics internationally.

They’re enduringly relevant and have changed how people interact within organisations.

Or feel free to contact me about them here.

Please share this with somebody who’s looking for a keynote or team workshop with fresh insights that create a greater sense of purpose and meaning!


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