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Graduate Positions - Thoughts and Tips

Last year, I spent time talking with a close family member who was proceeding through their graduate interviews for a graduate position.

Fast forward to now; they have asked me for some tips as their new role begins soon.

Here is what came to mind:


The organisation's vision, mission and values. Think about how you align with the values, and live these values in your behaviour.


About the company's sources of revenue. What areas are more profitable than others, and how could the work you’re asked to do contribute to these areas?


Graduates often have an opportunity to work in different areas of an organisation. Embrace these rotations.

You may feel a strong pull to a certain area or rotation so take a moment to step back and consider why. Is it the work? The client? The manager? The team?

This could offer insight into what you might want to do next…


There will be opportunities to become involved in some activities outside your job responsibilities.

Volunteer for something that interests you, or that you have skills or expertise in, and approach it with some fun!

ENGAGE Don't always be the first or the last to speak - be respectful - but don't fear talking about difficult topics. Always talk about a situation rather than about people. Explain situations in three steps:

1. This is occurring

2. This is what we are doing

3. Here is another idea.


There will be people you naturally connect with, and some of them will be more experienced.

Cultivate these relationships, seek to bring value to them, and if you are fortunate, you may find a mentor.

BE GRACIOUS – and this is for everyone...

Manners and politeness are free. Treat everyone the same.

The best people I have worked with were respectful and could connect with everyone, from board members to couriers. Be yourself and be courteous, these little things are noticed.

Feel free to share this with anyone who is starting out, I would love to know if this resonated.


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