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A year of learning's in my startup

A year today after my first engagement and eight clients later, here are my dozen learning's;

  • Regular information sharing (weekly) on LinkedIn will attract clients, i.e. weekly blog or vlog. Vlogs will receive more views, I have a range of one minute videos with Vimeo

  • Your clients will be within your network, do a good job, and they will refer you on

  • People buy you and not your company website, and you may need to set up a personal, professional website (like this one)

  • Support will come from unexpected places, places you expect support from may not offer it or know how to

  • Your work needs to be a genuine passion if you are working on what you love it is not work

  • Be obsessed with relationships and listening, not about being right

  • If you can write a book, it makes you an authority, the book sales will be low, but it is then easier to sell services

  • Engage a PR person after writing your book, immerse yourself in creating content, share this without an expectation of anything in return. My media page is the outcome

  • Focus on what has not gone well, learn and consistently adjust, regular practise of this new skill will make you more proficient

  • Exercise, be active regularly, whatever it is just do it

  • Paid social media advertising is a waste of time and money. There are people who are interested in your daily activities, I share these on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Leverage resources rather than hire them, there are many great web-based services that are very cost effective.

Here is to year two!


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