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Finding A Better Way - 1st Anniversary

The favourite of my two books turns one, and I remain super proud of this as does my co-author Michelle Stevenson.

The book explores four primary areas:

  • Global  trends

  • Asian and Australian  implications

  • Community

  • The changing family

Our readers have found the book exceptionally insightful... Men, are exploring how they will be rather than what they could be, through a series of observations. Women loved its fresh and insightful integration of stories and research, and some soul baring by us the authors! A couple of women have said there is no preaching, and each chapter ends with a set of reflections inviting the reader to think about topics such as...

  • How the internet connects us all but also creates isolated communities

  • Nordic culture, with the story of a beautiful but poorly designed ship called the Vassa that sank in 1628 at her launch and how the culture evolved with the law of Jante - Jante celebrates collective rather than individual success

  • How Australia's culture is masculine and celebrates individual success

  • Bob Hawke’s thinking on how the Australian Government could be structured and how it is interesting that John Hewson shares a very similar view too

  • Why Eastern cultures treasure their elderly, and aged care in the West is a booming industry

  • How volunteering can improve your mood and is in decline, yet depression is increasing

  • The challenges with addiction of antidepressants and how they have spread across society since 2000

  • Research from Man Box of the expectation of young men to be strong (69%) and to fight back (almost two thirds)

    • Men want to take time off; however, they don't ask for it.  39% believe this would have a detrimental effect on their career

    • Further, 43% of dads who take extended parental leave receive unfavourable comments

    • 60% of fathers would like to take extended parental leave

The book concludes with PERMA, and the positive thinking work from Martin Seligman. PERMA stands for Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment, with me and Michelle explaining how these show up in our lives.

Feel free to contact me to share your thoughts on Finding A Better Way.


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