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Extraordinary Stories By Ordinary People

As well as time with my family, and plenty of yoga, what else did I do over the Australian summer holidays?

In January, I wrote over twenty thousand words of my third book.

The outline was drafted in the first half of 2022. However, it wasn't until I was on holiday that I could pour what was in my head into the computer.

This book is again different to my earlier publications.

"Digital Is Everyone's Business" (2019) shared my professional experiences, and "Finding A Better Way" (2021) is based on observations supported by a great deal of research offering insights into the world, communities, workplaces, and the changing family. The white paper "Digital Innovation Within The Construction and Engineering Industry" (2022) shares insights gained as a former CIO and Digital into how the industry can approach and realise the potential of digitisation.

See them all here.

"Extraordinary Stories By Ordinary People" (working title) reflects how different people have achieved success - deemed extraordinary by themselves.

In a world obsessed with people consuming content of others' ‘perfect’ lives, the book offers insight into people's everyday challenges; how communities have helped them; and their proud achievements.

Everyone has an extraordinary story within them, and the book aims to shine a light on the substance behind our lives in this world of social media imagery and video shorts.

The book includes some experiences from my life and how people have mentored, coached and partnered with me to make my life better, and I am now looking for other people to include in the book.

If you have a story or know somebody who should share theirs, please make contact (email me here).

The book will be published early 2024.


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