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How I escaped the 2020 Australian lockdown for Europe

'Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out' - Martin Scorsese

Last year in the Melbourne long 150 day stretch of lockdown, I wanted to escape. Reading is usually an escape, but I was writing and researching a book, and I thought reading something else was met with dread.

One of my early first dates with a young lady in the mid-1990s was a foreign film called La-apartment in a cinema on the top end of Collins St. I loved it and have enjoyed many other foreign films since. We didn’t know it at the time, but that young lady became my wife. We spent the 2000s living in an apartment in central London and travelling regularly into Europe.

Movies were our escape to Europe in lockdown. Many of you have probably now watched everything on your paid subscription services. Especially for those in Sydney who want to escape, try these foreign films on SBS.

Tell No One is a thriller with much of it set in Paris, a husband accused of murder, a dead wife, a gangster with great values and plenty of twists and turns. A must watch!

The Heist Of The Century true story, funny and quite incredible. A robbery within a robbery in Argentina, an unlikely crew who you cannot but like

Anthony Zimmer a man is mistaken for a money launderer ends up going on the run

A Man in a Hurry an overworked executive has a stroke and starts seeing what he missed out on in life

Paris Je T’aime not keen on watching a full-length foreign film try this for starters, famous actors with French stars in a series of short stories in Paris

Little White Lies a group of close friends holiday in the South of France, all dealing with a range of issues while one of their best friends is unwell in hospital. The end of this movie gets me every time, an incredible cast

Rust and Bone true story of a whale trainer who has a horrific accident and recovers

The Connection shot incredibly well, recreating 1970s France as Pierre Michel works on cracking a heroin ring, a true story

Beautiful Lies a village in the South of France, a hairdresser receives a series of love letters. Light-hearted and funny

In Harmony a true story, an insurance company wants to settle with a stunt man after a terrible accident, and their representative becomes romantically involved

Enjoy these, I would love your thoughts!


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