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Data hypothesis beats data management

CHANGE lead ® (my company) just announced a very exciting partnership.

We are offering a no-cost DATA SCIENCE consultation as part of the new partnership between Digital Frontier Partners and CHANGE lead ®. This coincides with a refreshed website.

The key to our DATA SCIENCE approach is Data Hypothesis as opposed to traditional Data Management. We prove a hypothesis quickly with a focus on increasing revenue or reducing costs. For many businesses things have changed dramatically, we provide the insights for sensible actions. In the 2-minute clip below, we talk about the approach, how to become comfortable with investing in data science and the dangers of technical jargon.

The no-cost 90-minute consultation is with Fred Herselman, the Data Scientist who features in the below video. If you found the 2-minute video interesting a longer 7-minute video explaining more is available here.


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