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Outlook ... CYBER IQ, Meaningful Leadership, and What is Digital Now?

Goals of Information Security

There is so much going on and here is some of what I am thinking about.


Cyber-attacks continue to increase, “cyber partisans” are helping the Ukraine against Russia; who would be your partisan? What is CYBER IQ?

Executive Cyber IQ is connecting the dots across all cyber activity and maturing their cyber program.

Can your organisation answer the below questions?

  • Is there a cybersecurity program that identifies current threats and provides protection against them?

  • Is there a cybersecurity policy covering matters like disaster recovery planning, customer data privacy, and access controls?

  • How does your organisation restrict user access to data and systems? (Do you know what zero trust is?)

  • Has a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) been appointed, or is there an equivalent arrangement?

  • How qualified are your personnel available to manage cybersecurity risks?

  • How does your organisation report cybersecurity incidents to the appropriate authority?

  • Is an incident response plan in place?

I am helping organisations with my executive experience and structuring engagements based on Harvard’s internationally highly regarded cyber program.

Why and how to change how you lead

How we lead in 2020 is no longer relevant and as leaders need to “find a better way”.

Now more than ever before, we are living in a world that’s highly interconnected and interdependent. Leaders require a perspective of what is happening across countries, workplaces, communities, and families. Ideally a perspective that is based on research; offering insights that encourages leaders to reflect and consider how they might do things differently.

I am now delivering keynotes based on 200 pieces of research within our new book Finding A Better Way”. Helping leaders evolve, by respecting the past and inspiring people for a future with a fresh, meaningful perspective.

Digital transitions beat transformations

“Digital transformations fail … less than 10% sustain their benefits”, McKinsey.

  • How is your business determining what digital is now for your industry and organisation?

  • Who is creating a relevant digital strategy resulting in a high level of leader ownership?

  • How does this enter the execution planning phase?

  • What is the current technology capability and capacity of teams to deliver it?

I facilitate a proven process within organisations to create and execute a digital program. The intent of the program is to avoid a considerable future investment through a series of sensible transitions now, avoiding the need for a substantial transformation later.

Here are some other things I looking forward to …

Returning to campus for my pro bono work at Swinburne, the February PR campaign for Finding a Better Way and my weekly blog.


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