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Curious and Humble Cultures - Enabled By Consistency

Being curious and humble is a common statement in many organisations.


A culture that applies consistency within their foundations, will result in more meaningful connections. These meaningful connections will contribute to more significant commercial outcomes.

The challenge is when teams share information, it is sometimes critiqued. Critiquing can lead to criticism and confrontation, which is often based on somebody's experience of wanting control or having expectations for a course of action within a situation. The consequences are that teams become guarded, and the opportunity to evolve thinking and developing ideas, is lost.

When a team or individual shares information, keep an open mind.

How can you do this?

Ask clarifying questions about things you are uncertain about or are interested in. These questions should create an environment of a deeper connection both on the topic and with the individuals.

A meaningful culture will be developed by applying this more consistently over time. This type of culture adopts tough conversations that ultimately achieve BIGGER outcomes for those participating and reduces the need of people wanting to be correct.

Almost always, it will need to begin with the leaders and be supported by managers across an organisation. So when the leader is absent, the behaviour is maintained and will become consistent. Inconsistent behaviour will result in a greater effort for leaders and the requirement to act as a facilitator; this is initially acceptable as the team evolves. However, if their presence is always required, it will reduce the potential of culture building and scaling within an organisation.

The visual in my video above helps teams understand this, and for some, it is an essential step in their evolution to achieving more meaningful outcomes.

This visual is a key ingredient in almost every client workshop; feel free to contact me to learn more.

One of the many insights in Making Life Happen.


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