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Bringing It All For Coupa in Las Vegas - Keynote speaker

Last week I ran a workshop with eighty of Coupa’s most senior client executives from North America. We spent two and half hours during the afternoon of day one, of Coupa’s INSP!RE event, in a tailored workshop completing a workbook to provide these executives with a fresh, focused perspective.

As a keynote speaker I facilitate large groups. Here is some of what we discussed.

  • How to frame difficult conversations as a walk in the woods rather than a confrontation

  • Uncovering why no value-adding work continues within organisations, and how to evolve people’s mindsets

  • How every strategy generally consists of - a foundational element - a simplicity objective - and innovating for future horizons. A very useful framework if you are acting up in a role

  • Where and how to involve all employees in creating the future based on their capability and expertise

  • Why any digital business must have a point of differentiation and consider the market maturity before scaling

  • 2022 is likely to involve an element of simplicity as suppliers are integrated within a secure cyber environment

  • The six components of leading people post-pandemic; beginning with issues that matter to them and the importance of living what you say

  • How to land memorable messaging by respecting the past, assessing the present and inspiring the future

  • Why team traits are the key to them succeeding in the most challenging of times

  • How to ask curious rather than challenging questions resulting in deeper relationships

  • What components contribute to a leader’s positive state of mind

  • The importance of casual conversations and always seeking feedback

The session was received exceptionally well, with the Coupa Executive Insight program receiving a 93.6% NPS score. Plus we received some wonderful comments like this one ...

“David really made me think intentionally about my team and my leadership.”

Thanks to everyone at Coupa; several of whom have been following this blog for some time! If you are thinking of running an offsite for your client's executives or your internal team, make contact and let's have a chat about how I could help.

Read about my Speaker Services here!


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