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Are You or Somebody You Care About Clear On Their LIFE Intentions

There is a great deal of noise we all have to manage.

The noise - like social media, world events or subscription television - can easily lead to becoming a consumption junkie, being distracted, or possibly feeling inadequate when comparing your life to others.

A mentor once reminded me to develop a vision and take small steps that have milestones towards that vision, your life intentions. There will be distractions. However, you must determine if they’re a worthwhile diversion or just noise.

Making Life Happen is intended to help the reader ask the right questions in moments of quiet reflection. My third book shares many personal stories and learnings, and has thirty of my well-recognised style cartoons (like those in the video above). Many people have a fresh perspective when I share them in a workshop or conversation.

In chapter two of the book, ‘Lifelong learning and quality relationships’, I explore the ‘Wheel of Life’ and what questions this may raise. The reader assesses what they want to achieve across these parameters and considers the subsequent actions. The answers will differ for everyone, and my experienced colleagues are sharing the framework with their younger family members.

The ‘Wheel of Life’ is often revisited as life progresses, shifting focus between the eight areas or a new one!

For example - giving back is more important to me now than other priority areas. My writing, videos, this blog and pro-bono work at Swinburne bring meaning to me.

Making Life Happen – Defining a Meaningful Future, read about it here, is for multiple generations and is due early 2024!


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