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An Organisation’s Mindset Determines the Potential of Technology Trends

Our former, much-loved and wise VP regularly reminded our international technology team that 'technology trends will come and evolve, but our attitude is what will endure'.

There is so much hype around many technologies at the moment. It leads me to reflect again on how work is completed within an organisation to bring value to those they serve.

Work should always be simplified; striving to eliminate value-eroding processes, automate the remaining and elevate the value of employees.

Work within an organisation generally falls into four categories:

Undertaking - Individual and reactive traditional work.

Lounging - A collective community that is comfortable with the work as it is.

Sole exploring - Individuals choosing to explore options for work in isolation.

Making meaning - An organisation with a greater purpose and contemporary work.

The importance of employees in determining the nature of their work and any remediation is the key to shifting the organisation. Their involvement will change and sustain the organisation, enabling a constant transition. Any transition will improve the data, which is the fuel of an organisation's technology potential. The first chapter of my first book Digital Is Everyone's Business explains how to translate this to employees and engage them, ultimately creating the right mindset for contemporary organisations. It’s worth revisiting for further insights! 😊


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