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AI - Cutting Through the Noise

In 2023, I presented or facilitated about forty AI sessions with some of the most senior business and technology executives across APAC.

I’m not an expert in the topic, however, I have arrived at some key conclusions.

The first of which is that everyone is still finding their feet on the topic.

Here are ten insights that will help anyone considering what AI means for their business:

1. Data is the fuel; a data strategy is critical to any AI initiative. Policies will be required for content creation and production (they are different).   

2. Personalised content creation (data) will determine the potential of AI, as being solely dependent on the content of others will result in vanilla answers. Content creation is the data that sits within the tool.

3. Production content will vary across user profiles, and not everything will be made available to everyone.

4. Consider experimenting within IT initially, considering allowing the IT team to become practical experts before unleashing more broadly or selected pilot user groups.

5. Licensing could become expensive; consider who is using what AI tool and who should be using it for their role.

6. AI sprawl is a scenario that needs to be considered, with every vendor having a solution on their tool. What content will be available to these?

7. If you are in a conservative industry, you may not be progressive with your use of AI. You could, however, be industry-leading with your policy. Don’t dismiss the impact this could have.

8. Impartial and independent advice on AI is scarce; professional services (many who are AI system implementers) and technology companies have conflicting interests.

9. If you’re uncertain whether to undertake an activity to determine the ethical / moral consequences of the use of data and decision-making, consider “what-if” scenarios. 

What would my customers think if they knew their data was being used in this manner?

10. Government policy and industry directions are emerging; however, they are not holistic. Consider what you do beyond these.  

As per my Cybersecurity services, I’ll be establishing some AI in 2024 after I complete MIT’s AI for Business Strategy.

What do you think is missing from the above list?


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