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A Viral Podcast and VERY Special Offer

Last year, I was one of the ten alumni invited by Swinburne to chat about our professional journeys and lives on the “Get Hungry” podcast with Lana Fried.

A promo outtake of the podcast went viral on Instagram with 38K views. We discovered this from one of my daughter's friends!

In the podcast, we spoke about me leaving school at sixteen, my mature student studies at Swinburne, my experiences as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and digital exec, to now being a three-time author and respected speaker in the tech world. 

Many of the stories I shared in the podcast are from my upcoming book, Making Life Happen, which will be published on April 11th (read to the end of this blog for a very special offer!).

Here's some of what we chatted about:

1. Where you begin is not permanent: We traced my path from beginning my career as a bank clerk, to executive roles, to where I am now—an author, advisor, and speaker in the global tech community.

2. The importance of setting goals: I stressed the importance of having clear goals - like my dream to switch gears from corporate life to becoming a thought leader and author.

3. Rolling with the punches: Despite hitting a few bumps in the road, I talked about how important it is to bounce back and keep going, especially when making the switch from corporate life to setting up your own business.

4. Cultural adventures: I shared some stories from my time living abroad and how those experiences shaped who I am today, both personally and professionally.

5. Turning dreams into reality: We talked about how I turned my dreams into reality by taking small regular steps towards those dreams.

6. Coming home: I discussed the challenges of returning to Australia after living in London for a decade and figuring out my place in the professional world here.

7. Work-life balance: We explored how it’s important to find that sweet spot between work and play, which is always a balancing act with a young family!

8. Leadership and diversity: Drawing from my time as a former CIO and digital exec, we talked about how diversity and leadership are so important in the tech world.

9. Family Ties: I shared some personal stories about how my upbringing and family have influenced my career and values.

10. Lightning Round: We wrapped things up with a quick-fire round of fun and quirky questions that gave a glimpse into my personal life.

It was a great chat. You can listen to the podcast here.  

Finally, about the special offer - Making Life Happen will be $1 dollar on the 11th of April for those who register their interest here

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family!


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