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Why Our New Year's Resolutions Don't Stick

Several years ago, I stopped making new year’s resolutions and began a life of intentions.

It wasn’t a conscious decision, it was something that just sort of happened.

It’s one of many stories and reflections included in my upcoming book - of which the final draft was sent to my editor earlier this week.

Apparently, 80% of us fail with our new year resolutions.

Below are some of the reasons why, along with a suggested antidote.

1. An overly ambitious mindset Break things out into their possibilities and consider - what you can do differently at this moment - what could be something that may change with some sustained effort over several months - how will both of these contribute to you moving into your dream - build the momentum from the earlier outcomes towards that dream!

2. A lack of specificity – Determine the bigger picture, your dream, and consider what it will take. Be prepared to refine your approach to achieving the dream as you experience life. How you thought you might achieve it may change, but if the dream is specific and important it won’t change.

3. A lack of relevance to your lifestyle – Fitting in rather than living the way you want. Make a clear choice on how you want to live, rather than being tempted to follow the norm.

4. Fear and resistance – Avoid your mind creating a narrative that is false, share those thoughts with a trusted confidant so they can be put into perspective.

5. Lack of change in consciousness ­– Some research indicates you tell the brain something has happened, and it won’t know if it is real or not. Visualisation for athletes is important - try on what you want from life.

6. Lack of planning - Planning is important, and being flexible as the plan progresses is likely to ensure a greater probability of success.

7. You don’t believe in yourself – Success is not overnight, it will require dedication and learning to perfect your craft, grow your confidence through experiences.

8. You don’t track your progress ­– Once in a while step back and reflect on your progress, then quietly celebrate with somebody special to you.

In the next couple of months, I’ll share some more stories in the blog that are included within the book.


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