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The Three Phases of a Career

I’m often asked about how to build a career by fellow parents, less experienced colleagues and alumni.

The topic is discussed in my upcoming book “Making Life Happen”.

There are three key stages, and here’s what I’ve seen successful people do as they have moved through each of those stages.

Early Career

  • Graduate positions allow you to explore what you are competent at and enjoy

  • When the opportunity presents itself, become involved in helping resolve complex problems. You'll learn how to think and communicate when things might be tense

  • Speak about situations, consequences and ideas to improve things… avoid talking about people

  • Explore industries and endeavour to find one that fascinates you.


  • International experience will help grow your perspective and emotional intelligence

  • Try different companies within your industry, potentially even a startup, learn about diverse cultures and find what feels like home

  • Learn how to scale teams, fearlessly employ people smarter and better than you.


  • Understand the expectations of your board, consider how you meet and possibly exceed these

  • Qualify the capability and specialist capacity within your team

  • Time will be your greatest resource; allocate it wisely!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll continue to share some stories and insights from my new book; read more about it here.

Read more about this in Making Life Happen.


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