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Read the Manuscript for My New Book!

Over the past year, I’ve been writing on vacations. It’s a hobby I enjoy immensely.

And some exciting news - I now have a completed draft manuscript for my third book.

This book is the one I would have loved to have read in my twenties, picked up again in my thirties, and read to remind myself about what was important in my forties.

The book shares some stories linked to beliefs for a good life. Many are from my lived experience, and some are from conversations with others.

There are some common threads as I reflect on the “things that matter”.

I explore the following areas;

- Professions, developing goals and committing to them

- Your life partner, probably your most important decision

- Intentions, setting some and remaining consistent with them

- Working as an employee and the stages of a career

- Working for yourself by leveraging your expertise

- The second half of my life - what does my future hold?

The topics are in no particular order; some are logically linked and flow, other times the ideas will be rounded off, and a new concept introduced in the following section.

The stories detailed are ones that resonated and offered people insight when I shared them.

What’s included is somewhat subjective, but the subjectivity has had some validation.

The book is for those I have met and those I will meet. It’s also for my children and the generations that follow. May this book offer an insight into me and how we live at this time.

Life is to be celebrated, lived on your terms, and cherished; I hope this can help the reader achieve more of what they want from life.

If you would like to receive a PDF version, that is yet to receive its final edit and be proofread, please message me.


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