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The dynamic content creating world, how are you professionally participating?

The information on your LinkedIn profile and contained within your resume is static. But our world is a dynamic, content creating one, so how can you participate? What professional actions beyond your employment can you consider in building your career?

Do you have a domain (a www address)? It could either be your name or a company or community you want to create or be part of. I own (business domain I registered in 2005), (author and speaker), plus I just launched (an emerging area of interest).

What are the five to ten things you truly know? Start writing or filming a video about them. Create the content on your domain/website first (make this their home), and then share it on other platforms. These platforms will help you find and build your community so that you can connect and serve them. Serve them with no expectation. If you are passionate about what you have learned, others will be interested. Here are some examples of “my homes” for blogs and external media.

BTW don’t wait until you find yourself not in paid employment, which may or may not be your choice. Think about these things when you are employed. There is some anxiety in putting yourself ‘out there’; however, imagine living a life without sharing your thoughts and potential with the world.

So choose to be passionate about something and be yourself, as nobody else is like you. Start sharing, be prepared for everybody not to value it. Yes, not everybody will ‘get you’. However, you may be pleasantly surprised by who will and what they will give back.


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