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Creating a Resonating Strategy

Often technology strategies fail to resonate with their broader organisation.

Earlier this month, I was chatting with an industry friend and occasional client. They were mobilising their team for 2024 and 2025, and their current technology strategy document wasn’t cutting it. It was too technical in places and focused on technologies rather than aspirations or outcomes.

Here’s the strategy we created, which has resonated with their Executive Peers and the broader business.

Enablement – Our organisation will be the enabler for delivery, applying resourcing specifically, swiftly, and smartly.

Experimentation – The facilitation of experiments on emerging practices and technologies, qualifying their potential.  

Capability – Our people’s careers will be enhanced by offering experiences that deliver greater value. We will tenaciously seek to eliminate or automate menial work, creating greater capacity for the things that matter.

Discipline – Prioritisation and delivery will be in partnership with the business. Together, we will achieve more important and meaningful outcomes.

Future Scaling – We will have an eye on the horizon and proactively ensure our business is prepared and enabled.  

These were the five strategic themes, with a mission statement sitting above, and a business executive now sponsors each theme. An initiative program also sits below, with each initiative being aligned to a theme.

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