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AI Predictions: Knowledge vs Experience

Ask an AI tool anything, and you’ll receive a reasonably good answer. Here are some AI predictions.

In the past, many have engaged organisations for answers. But the frequency of them doing this will decline.

However, what does an organisation do after it receives the answer?

Do they have the experience to apply the answer?

Experienced professionals will be more valued than knowledge in the future; that is my prediction.

Considering my work in the past five years, organisations have enlisted me to analyse, and create strategies and plans. But they will do this less moving forward, unless the situation is complex.

My knowledge and expertise within my books developed over several decades will be inferior to any AI tool – aka “the science”.

Though my experiences applying that knowledge will be difficult to replicate; this is the “art”.

Many organisations will want to apply this knowledge sooner than before. The opportunity is how it is applied.

What do “Experienced Workers” need to consider?

  • How they will contextualise situations with stories, selected stats, and humanise the AI.

  • Expect services to be more prescriptive, bridging AI insight and your experience. Basically, Experienced Workers will know how to get things done.

  • Selecting the relevant AI output. Specifically, they will help organisations navigate in their area of expertise to determine what AI output is of value. They will make AI more relevant, meaningful and personal.

  • They will ask the right AI questions to address the cause, not the symptoms. Doing this will lead to rationalisation and selection of information based on the situation by applying their experience.

  • Personal experiences, keynotes, workshops and mentoring/coaching are currently challenging for AI to replicate. Experienced Workers will develop their EQ to become storytellers, making things more memorable for many people.

I expect these five focus areas to evolve; AI will remain exceptionally dynamic.

A recent insightful keynote address said AI is like refrigeration; refrigeration is an incredible invention, but those who truly benefited created new products – like Coca-Cola.

I have delivered many keynotes on AI and you might be interested in my speaking services here.


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