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A glimpse into our smart connected future

As technology advances, devices will incorporate smart services in the future. Whether your phone, car, clothing, glasses or watch, the associated services available will improve our quality of life. Organisations have the opportunity to determine what data or knowledge they can contribute to “inventing a future service”.

Inventing the future... It is 2020 something and you are walking along the street. You have a slightly sore arm from playing that technology game with your grandchild. It is amazing that cricket can now be played in the living room - COVID earlier in the decade, accelerated in-home technology - and your glasses convert to a gaming screen; the walls become the crowd at Lord’s.

Your grandchild won despite your ability to select Warne’s ball of the century during a tense session (if only Mike Gatting had this game for training before Warne’s first test match in the UK).

The watch you are wearing advises that an appointment has opened at your physio. Your diary had checked your availabilities earlier that day and waited for any change at your preferred physio. You tap and accept the appointment with a confirmation appearing on your glasses. Your calendar now calculates the time and distance to the physio, automatically re-shuffling your commitments for the day and advising others of a schedule change.

In the distance, you hear an ambulance and everyone around you looks at each other: why the nervousness? Somebody’s smart connected clothing has indicated they are about to have a heart attack - that sore arm was a sign of something bigger, and fortunately, they will be treated before any significant health impact.

The linking of your organisation’s unique data and expertise with the selection of technology partners is likely to lead to the “invention of future services”. This future service could be subscription-based or uplift a traditional service, such as health insurance or medical care example as in the story within this blog.


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