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3 Things Savvy Digital Organisations Consider

A few weeks back, I was sitting in a room with some very successful international professionals discussing DIGITAL transformations. There were many thoughts based on our experiences. Some of the group were sceptical due to the high failure rate of large programs; others focused on optimisation within an organisation, neglecting clients. When the moment was right, I shared the three KEY stages of all successful DIGITAL transitions I have seen within organisations - by savvy digital organisations.

Stage 1 - Assess and rationalise the existing work Stage 2 - Identify the legacy and future technologies Stage 3 - Refine the DIGITAL business model based on market maturity, differentiation of product or service, then develop a digital strategy


The assessment of work within an organisation depends upon the collective mindset. Isolated legacy work undertaken by individuals will be challenged; stealth experiments shared more broadly across the organisation; and traditional industry practices confronted. It isn't easy to do and requires strong facilitation. This facilitation is educational - growing and leaving capability within the organisation.


Demarcation of legacy technology and future technology is required. The legacy work and associated technologies are to be sunset, and (to avoid sprawl), strong governance is needed if this is not immediately possible. Future technologies are categorised across three primary purposes. 1. Foundational capability, 2. Scaling technologies for consistency and simplicity across a business, and 3. Experimental technology for future business.


Digital dissects your products and services. Firstly, consider the market readiness, then the genuine points of differentiation, and finally, the maturity of the offering. The culmination of all three aspects will determine what is offered where.

These three stages are iterative, and any digitally savvy organisation would strive to be in a constant state of transition. These organisations are measured by their decision-making and are committed to continually evolve.

You can read more in my book "Digital Is Everyone's Business: A Guide to Transition", on Amazon, or through other retailers via my website.


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