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2022 - A Year of Extremes So Far

The year to date has been one of the most extreme, genuine highs and deep lows for me.

Here is a run down;

JANUARY, I am in Adelaide on a business trip meeting with prospects who are regular blog readers, with family accompanying me on holiday, (the first over two years) and the trip is cut short as we have to return home quickly. My dad, "BIG John" passes away on the 22 Jan.

FEBRUARY, a blur between some study and services for BIG John. The evening before my dad’s service, my daughter tests positive for Covid. Our family must isolate, attending my dad’s funeral via live stream. I deliver the eulogy via recorded video. I take much of the month off with Nicole, my wife, going to the beach a lot.

MARCH, study. I complete a Cybersecurity course with Harvard online; it has been about 100 hours of study. My final grade is 94.7%, my dad knew I was studying and he would have asked me what happened to the 5.3%; I smile about this. The course was fabulous and practical, here are some key learnings. CEO Magazine contacts me to do a feature article.

APRIL, my first international trip since the pandemic. I travel to Las Vegas to run a keynote workshop on a Tuesday afternoon with eighty client executives for my client. The content is a series of cartoons from my two books, supported by stories and research. It is so good to deliver this session in person as opposed to online. The attendees' score for the session is above 93%. The newly created David Banger website, was also launched. Both are cathartic.

MAY, I complete my first Cybersecurity strategy and program using Harvard's methodology and present it to my client’s board, where it is endorsed. I have my first general anesthetic, for a skin graft on my left ear to remove a little slow-growing skin cancer, and the results are thankfully clear.

June, I decided to go deep on my interactive keynote workshops for the global market, based on the feedback post-Las Vegas. This means pausing my strategic reviews and other advisory services from July 2022 (more on this next month). We create a three-page fantastic brochure explaining my unique workshops (if you only click on one link, make it this one!). I order a Tesla Model Y within 24 hours of it being available in Australia having not seen one in the flesh. I visit the showroom in Chadstone Shopping Centre a couple of days later and feel beyond pleased about the order.

July … BIGish announcement is coming!

What has 2022 taught me?

  • No one is going to do your work; there is no cover in the most challenging times. Create a list and chip away at it and your progress will make you proud

  • Varied tasks make time go very quickly; you must assess the value behind the task. It is best to cluster similar tasks

  • Routines keep you going; rising at dawn for a coffee and walking with Nicole works for me

  • People who are starting businesses want to leverage your experience and network. I am happy to help, but please respect my time and try to give something of value too. My time is my most valuable resource

  • A text message, comment on a blog post or thank you email from a client or contact is more cherished and motivating than people may realise.

We leave for Bali later today for a family holiday, the blog continues though.


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