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David is a highly-rated international speaker with 20+ years of experience, he is an exceptional group facilitator.

David's client scenarios are varied and include; 

  • Interactive event keynote presentations, sharing Digital and Leadership insights for inspiration and motivation based on proven frameworks and research.

  • Workshops for an external executive group or internal department that require a facilitator who understands technology, digital functionality and people, who asks the right questions and enhances the collective thinking of the group for their business.

  • Casual lunch or dinner with a small group to develop conversations, explore issues and ideas in a relaxed, informal environment.

  • Launch of a product or service, linking research into why now is the right time. 

David believes that good people within organisations have the potential to be great and that their current knowledge, combined with fresh insights into today’s world and digital fundamentals, will contribute to a business truly realising its potential.


Creating The Future Today

Insights and strategies for your digital business integrating frameworks from David’s inaugural book "Digital Is Everyone's Business", which includes fourteen CXO testimonials.

The future of work is about 'thinking more and being smarter about how we work'. Potential success is eroded by the work people continue to do that is no longer relevant. During this interactive workshop, attendees are empowered with an understanding of why pointless work still occurs in their organisation, how to set the conditions to stop the non-value-adding work and where to create the value in the future, and how to create a digitally savvy value-focused team.


Contemporary Leadership

Lessons from the past, offering insights into today and inspiring a meaningful future. Sharing stories and some of the 200 pieces of research included in David’s follow-up book "Finding A Better Way".

We are living in a world that is highly interconnected and interdependent. David makes sense of what is happening across countries, workplaces, communities, and families with storytelling. He will encourage you to reflect and consider how you might do things differently. The key takeaways will be how to lead now by respecting the past and inspiring others for a future with a fresh, meaningful perspective.

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Executive Horizons

A half or full-day event co-created with clients, drawing on content from extensive research. Attendees gain insights to assess their business's digital potential and how to now lead through examples of those who are resonating with global communities.


Bespoke Tailored Workshops

Facilitated by an expert who understands technology, digital and people. David will work closely with his client's executive to create and deliver these sessions, over one or two days. 


Cyber Security

Reflecting on his former CIO role and 100 hours completed in Harvard's leading program, "Managing Risk in the Information Age", David delivers an engaging non-technical keynote with practical frameworks that will actively uplift cyber security. 


Collaboration Packages

David's workshops simplify complexity with unique trade marked imagery. 


  • Interactive keynote (up to 60 minutes)

  • Discounted books available


  • Half-day seminar, professionally facilitated workshop

  • Participant workbooks


  • Full-day seminar, professionally facilitated workshop

  • Book giveaways & participant workbooks

Please feel free to contact David for more information, including pricing and questions.   

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