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David has five primary services; 


He believes that good people within organisations have the potential to be great and that their current knowledge, combined with fresh insights into today’s world and digital fundamentals, will contribute to a business truly realising its potential.

Keynotes and interactive workshops 

Clear insights for inspiration and helps you “find a better way”. 


We are living in a world that’s highly interconnected and interdependent. David makes sense of what is happening across countries, workplaces, communities, and families with storytelling. He will encourage you to reflect and consider how you might do things differently. The key takeaways will be how to lead now by respecting the past and inspiring others for a future with a fresh, meaningful perspective.

The future of work is about ‘thinking more and being smarter about how we work’. Potential success is eroded by the work people continue to do that is no longer relevant. During this interactive workshop, attendees are empowered with an understanding of why pointless work still occurs in their organisation, how to set the conditions to stop the non-value-adding work and where to create the value in the future, and how to create a value-focused team.


Technology strategy and program

Working with CXOs of organisations, David will improve the value of their technology investments and technology team’s contribution.


These organisations tend to be medium to large-sized, are exploring when and how to initiate a range of digital capabilities and are uncertain how best to proceed. David works with these organisations as a virtual CIO for an agreed period, undertaking an initial assessment and then tailoring the service based on the need of the organisation and the expectation of the CXO community.


Digital business models

Simplifying the complexity through a relevant digital strategy that considers the skills and capability required to achieve the intended outcomes.

David will facilitate a process with selected stakeholders of what digital is for your industry and organisation. Together we will create a relevant digital strategy resulting in a high level of ownership. The process then enters the execution planning phase; assessing the existing skills within your organisation, current technology capability and capacity of teams to deliver. Options for execution will be based on the intent of avoiding considerable future investment through a series of transitions now, avoiding the need for a substantial transformation later.

teams 2.PNG

Cyber strategy and program

Improving the boards and non-technical executives' Cyber IQ with the assessment of the Cyber landscape, creation or revitalisation of a Cyber strategy with a supporting program of action. 

David will facilitate a process to establish Cyber success criteria, the Cyber vision and link to existing company values and industry relevant Cyber goals with associated outcomes. Threat actors with their likely method of attack will be documented, critical business assets that if unavailable business will stop will be determined and primary vulnerabilities identified.  The analysis will lead to an operational plan for governance, protective technologies and specific initiatives. 

All of the above activity will assist in meeting the changes in the Australian Directors Standards. 


Mentor and coach

Mentoring executives who are wanting to improve their influence and the performance of their team.

Together we commence by reviewing the business strategy, creating a genuine connection with the team's strategy and the opportunity to deliver greater value. The value will be achieved through assessing the existing and proposed project initiatives, reviewing and optimising operations, understanding how services are provided and options for uplift, and mentoring department leaders. We will then determine how best to communicate this to the CXO, management and broader organisational communities. The service is focused based upon an initial assessment and an agreed set of objectives.

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Tech strat

Let's Work Together

David is a former  CIO, Digital and Technology Executive in the Construction and Engineering, Professional Services, Technology, Management Consulting and Financial Services industries. He brings this experience with a fresh perspective. 

Contact David for a  free 45-minute initial consult.  

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