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What Makes a Valuable Workshop? - Off-Site Tips and Tricks

Off-sites - some people love them, others dread them. Regardless, everyone wants them to be a valuable use of time with sensible takeaways.

I’ve run workshops for over twenty years. I consider it to be a gift I have.

In 2018, I set out to create something of value for these critical conversations.

They’re enabled by some simple visuals (my cartoons) and delicate facilitation.

Here are four of the most commonly (shown in my video) used:

Why are we here?

  • A simple visual that highlights the importance of remaining focused and introduced when setting the agenda!

How will we participate?

  • A three-part framework highlighting the importance of an open mind, active participation and respectful conversation!

What are the balance of actions we need to consider?

  • There will always be a balance of - the foundational activity a team needs to deliver, making a conscious decision to simplify any activity being considered and areas that need to be explored!

When will we communicate what to the broader team?

  • A three-part framework enabling leaders to connect with their broader communities by respecting the past as a foundation for the future, explaining the actions we will take today leading to the future we are creating!

There is always a temptation to ‘do it yourself’ when bringing your team together - don’t!

Engage a professional, and ask how they will help lead your team to clarity. For more off-sites tips and tricks, see my services here.

The visuals are detailed within my three books (here)!

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