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The Canadian phone call that changed my 2022

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

In 2022 I have been contacted by various organisations exploring my interest in longer-term engagements or roles. This year has been professionally rewarding with diverse engagements, clients and prospects. When thinking about what I would do for a large portion of my professional time in the next phase of my career, one conversation from Canada was a clear stand-out.

On Monday, I take the responsibilities as Senior Managing Partner of APAC and ANZ for Info-Tech Research Group. In the coming weeks, I will share a little more about what I will initially be doing with the Infotech team. I will be continuing with my speaking and workshops. I love doing this work, and my clients have found it beneficial.

The CHANGE lead® website will be retired and redirected to here; it was due for a refresh after launching in 2018. CHANGE lead ® owns all trademarked images created and methodologies developed over the past four years. Our small team is exceptionally proud of these.

I will deepen my specialisation in keynotes and workshops based on the two books I have written and the associated images created. My clients generally initiate these services in the below scenarios;

For an EVENT that requires an insightful digital/leadership keynote speaker who shares stories, research and stretches thinking CASUAL OCCASIONS, dinner or lunch where conversations are developed based on my research and trademarked images

PRODUCT or SERVICE LAUNCH, linking my extensive research into why now is the right time

A BESPOKE WORKSHOP, for a group that needs a facilitator who understands tech, digital and people, and asks the right questions to focus a group’s thinking.

For simplicity, my role achievements over the past four years have been rationalised on LinkedIn within CHANGE lead ® under the title of David Banger – AUTHOR | SPEAKER | CXO CONFIDANT – these explain my workshop services moving forward, specifically;

CREATING THE FUTURE TODAY; insights and strategies for your digital business, integrating frameworks from my first book

CONTEMPORARY LEADERSHIP; lessons from the past that offer insights into today combined with over 200 pieces of research from my follow-up book

EXECUTIVE HORIZONS; half or full-day workshops integrating Digital Innovation and Contemporary Leadership

BESPOKE: work closely with clients, tailoring content based on their circumstances, my extensive research and unique trademarked imagery.

My weekly BLOG and video will continue at

The clarity obtained through many client engagements has developed the above offerings, and as I said above, I love doing this work and seeing its impact. It is embodied within this simple three-page brochure here.

Have a great second half of the year; Gina (my EA, who is really my director of everything) and I are looking forward to ours.

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