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My role at Info-Tech for the APAC region

In July, I began my first paid employment role for four years. I will continue to run my speaking and workshop business in parallel, sharing insights from my books, and I am well into writing my third book with an industry colleague. Earlier this week, there was a press release about my new role; read it here. Why did I decide to take on a new role? Info-Tech is a rapidly growing business; it grew by 47% last financial year. The APAC business contributes 7% of the overall company’s revenue, and it is expected to grow further.

What does Info-Tech offer?

Info-Tech provides several offerings and services;

  • Practical research and advisory content for IT Executives on how to approach a challenge or modernise their function

  • Research that allows teams to be self-sufficient, or Info-Tech could do it with them or even for them

  • Services are supported by diagnostics that offer insights into how IT is perceived by the business, how IT is performing for the business and opportunities for IT to improve its performance. The IT Executive and team can then compare their results to others

  • Workshops for their clients, with topics that include strategy, infrastructure and operations, applications, data and BI, and security.

What is my role?

I am the Senior Managing Partner for APAC; our team offers Executive Counsellor and Advisory services to clients across the region and supports the sales team in growing the business. The role is about growing the team, aligning how best the team can service the market and integrating global offerings.

How do I intend to spend my time?

Here is a breakdown;

  • Forty per cent of my time will be directly spent with existing clients to maximise the value of their service

  • Twenty per cent will be with potential clients, helping qualify how best we can service them

  • Another twenty will be integrating with the global business to qualify and align services for the APAC region

  • My final twenty per cent will be partnering with my APAC colleagues on the internal activity such as; coaching and reverse mentoring, managing the business and strategy / business planning.

What has my first month been like?

Info-Tech is an amazing company, not only due to the growth but the people within the organisation who are smart and humble. We are like Richard Branson’s Virgin (counter-cultural and exceptionally client centric), taking on established businesses that are more like British Airways. This is very evident when you visit our office in Toronto, which is a former Masonic Lodge, once owned by the Rolling Stones, was the home of MTV Canada and is now owned by Info-Tech. I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Canada last month and had many meetings in the Rolling Stones boardroom and the Bowie room. Info-Tech has a knack for bringing value and fun to its employees and clients. I feel very privileged to be part of the team.

What is next for me at Info-Tech?

We will look to continue to grow the team with quality former CIOs and CTOs who ideally have experience across APAC, potentially speak another language and are great at facilitating relationships. Feel free to contact me.

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