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Is the office now like the dial-up telephone?

Remember when you called a place rather than a person on a dial-up telephone? We all hoped someone answered and that person we wanted was there. Is the office now like the dial-up telephone? Many workers are no longer there, reluctant to return as their “out of office working experience” has changed them.

Your employees 2020 is like our first mobile phone experience; very convenient and difficult to hand back. Our initial government lockdown or directions like our first mobile opened alternative possibilities. Why call a building when people have mobiles?

Why go to the office when I can do this remotely?

Then arrived the extended lockdown for many. If that was not the situation, office rotations commenced with a reduced number of employees there. Similar to our first smartphone, it changed a paradigm. Remember how you experimented with smartphone applications? You were interested to learn what your friends were discovering and together, everyone found a different way to do things. Businesses changed too, fulfilling our expectations as a customer.

Employees within organisations have experimented and found different ways to do things. Businesses will again need to evolve for their customers too.

Within this analogy, if 2020 was the mobile phone, 2021 is the smartphone; what is 2022? Is it a growing app store? We are at the beginning of something and will not be returning to what was 2019. Not everything will be lost, but many things will change.

Some leaders cannot wait to be back in the office. Many employees with long commutes are dreading the upcoming winter, and talented individuals are eyeing organisations with arrangements suitable for them.

Now is the time for a RIGHT working policy (not remote); more next week!


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