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Followers Are Like Frequent Flyer Points... GREAT Until You Try To Use Them!

Today, I’m about to break one of my cardinal rules… (read to the end to learn what is!).

For decades, I doodled on whiteboards… drew on A5s… sketched on a tablet… people took copies or photos and asked if I didn't mind sending these to them.

Many referred to them as ‘Banger-isms’ (their chosen word and not mine!), and on April 11, Making Life Happen will be published with many of them included.

This book is the one I would have loved to have read in my twenties, picked up again in my thirties, and used to remind myself about what was important in my forties.

I went to the most credible source (CHAT GPT 😊) to provide ten reasons why somebody should read my latest book, and they sound pretty convincing. Here’s the summary…

1. Practical Insights for Personal Growth: Making Life Happen offers practical strategies for personal growth and explains how the 'dots' in your life can enable positive change.

2. Clear Guidance for Goal Setting: The book provides clarity on defining and pursuing goals, emphasising intentions to navigate life purposefully.

3. The Value of Lifelong Learning: Highlighting continuous self-improvement, it illustrates how embracing lifelong learning fosters personal and professional development.

4. Building Strong Relationships: The book enriches interpersonal connections by emphasising trusted confidants and meaningful bonds.

5. Career Development Strategies: Offering advice for employees and entrepreneurs, it guides career advancement with insightful stories and unique imagery.

6. Meaningful Life Outlook: By defining a meaningful outlook, readers gain a roadmap for fulfilment aided by vivid imagery.

7. Timeless Wisdom for Different Life Stages: Relevant across life stages, the book adapts to readers' evolving needs and priorities.

8. Re-Focus and Re-Balance: Essential for realigning priorities, the book guides readers through life's changes.

9. Accessible and Engaging: Its accessible style simplifies complex concepts, aided by relatable imagery.

10. Empowering and Motivational: Through its insights and imagery, the book inspires readers to seize control of their lives and pursue their aspirations.

Everyone will know someone who could benefit from this book… Think of somebody who is wanting more, going through a change, or possibly wanting to clarify their direction.

Followers Are Like Frequent Flyer Points... GREAT Until You Try To Use Them!

Now I’m about to break my above rule - as on April 11, the book will be $1 on Amazon; incredible value! We’re trying to maximise the book's exposure to ensure it reaches those who could benefit. I have optimised keywords and categories on Amazon, but I need your help…

If you’ve found my blog useful over the years, would you consider parting with a dollar next week?


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