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Now more than ever before, we are living in a world that’s highly interconnected and interdependent, which means an action in one place has a very real influence elsewhere.


In Finding a Better Way, an unlikely duo explores ways in which Western society has become disconnected and how we might strive for a better future – not only for ourselves but for future generations. Finding a Better Way is a meeting of the minds between Michelle, a Generation Y female freelance editor, and David, a Generation X male who is a former technology executive turned business advisor.


Writing from their vantage point in Australia, they discuss trends and ideas across four key themes: country, workplace, community and family. Their reflections are based on almost 200 pieces of research, but there are some points of difference between them that will make you stop and think. David and Michelle openly admit they do not have all the answers – and that is the point. They encourage you to reflect on what they have written and think about your own experiences and views.


The book discusses everything from politics and short-termism to the rise of the gig economy and digital burnout. It also explores more sensitive topics, like depression and loneliness, as well as ideas of masculinity and femininity, the pursuit of work-life balance, and what it means to be a family in the 21st century. David and Michelle also highlight ways in which we might do things differently, individually and collectively, at times drawing on Scandinavian concepts such as Janteloven, niksen and hygge.


As we step into an entirely new world, Finding a Better Way serves as a much-needed reference point of where we have been and, more importantly, where we are going.

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Rachael Powell | Chief Customer Officer XERO 

MAPP graduate - Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (Melbourne University) and MBA (UNSW)


“I have to say I genuinely loved Finding A Better Way. I loved the way it was structured - Country, Workplace, Community and Family. I love the perspective of David as a Gen X and Michelle as a Gen Y, and I loved the thought-provoking questions they pose at the end of each chapter.

And the final chapter on Positive Psychology was a fabulous way to end on a high note. Moving people, teams, families and communities from languishing or functioning to flourishing is what we all want. It therefore makes times of adversity - such as COVID - bearable, whilst ensuring people learn to play to their strengths and live a fulfilled life”

Sara Litchfield

Renowned International Editor at the "Right Ink on the Wall" 

"Honestly, I think it's incredible. I don't remember when I was last so challenged by a book - but in a good way!


The material is fascinating - it's quite difficult compiling the references without getting distracted going down the rabbit hole and reading them all in full. The book's meticulously organised and though its content can be confronting, it's presented in an engaging and inviting manner - you don't feel like you're being lectured from a soapbox but engaged in a conversation and invited to participate - and think deeply.

I genuinely believe this is a work that's important as well as timely. The call to action is strong - not just to think about what's truly going on but to actually act to better ourselves and the world we find ourselves in, encouraging the belief that it's not just possible and permissible but even essential to do so." 

Dr Amy Mulholland

"Finding A Better Way is a deep and thoughtful exploration of four constructs central to our lives. I took so much out of each chapter and appreciated the invitation to challenge traditional thought processes and ways of perceiving our community, career, and family.’

Peggy Stanios | Director CSIRO

"I loved this book! It has been a long time since I've read something so thought-provoking, relevant, and timely given the current state of the world and all its challenges. It was thoroughly researched, and I particularly liked the way David and Michelle weaved in their own personal experiences throughout. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for self-reflection on their role in the world and how to improve it for the better!"

Amanda Jones | Head of Engagement

"Finding A Better Way is a 'conversation' between David Banger and Michelle Stevenson it's fabulous! This book includes practical suggestions and thought provoking chapters that encourage further exploration - this is a book that will keep on giving and continue to prod me. I love the generational perspectives of these two authors and how they collaborated across Australia. The introduction is called "Shaking the Pillars". Boom!'

Tim Crisp | Managing Director

"This book is a celebration and a critique of Australian business, culture, and politics. With a brisk pace and light tone, David and Michelle stitch together perspectives on contemporary issues as diverse as prescription drugs, perennial short-termism, globalisation, generational differences, and the modern workplace. Drawing on David’s years working for multinationals in Europe, Michelle’s time in Asia, and lessons from Scandinavia and Silicon Valley, Finding a Better Way invites us to step outside our domestic bubble and examine our Australian lives from a global perspective."


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