David is an author, adjunct professor, advisor, CIO and digital executive.


Together we will assess what is happening within the market, clients, the organisation, departments, teams and your people? How could you make more informed choices? Are you stuck in the ideas of yesterday? What could tomorrow be? How could you be a more connected community that makes better choices for tomorrow?


Technology adds and subtracts to almost everything now. What is no longer relevant? What is just accepted and, while possibly relevant, likely to hold you back? How could you invest less and achieve more?

An internationally recognised innovator, he is a thinker and pragmatist. His expertise lies in offering unique and succinct insights that enable people, organisations, strategies, and technology to realise their potential. His workshops are unique. People are encouraged to be themselves, bring their best of themself to all parts of their life, including their work, incorporating his latest work that offers insights into a "better way" for all of us.  

In 2019 he authored DIGITAL IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS | A guide to transition, introducing a framework of sensible stages for organisations to realise their digital potential. Finding A Better Way is his second book exploring old and new ideas across country, workplace, community and family. He believes that good people within organisations have the potential to be great and that their current knowledge, combined with digital fundamentals, will contribute to a business truly realising its potential. David is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD Magazine.


He works with CEOs, Executives, CIOs and their teams who are committed to realising their potential. He founded CHANGE lead | Practical Digital ® in 2018. His international career of three decades has spanned multiple industries, much of it involving transformation and the next stage of something. David lived in London from 2001 to 2010 and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. In his career, he was employed across many industries, including Construction and Engineering, Professional Services, Technology, Management Consulting and Financial Services.


In 2018, David completed IMD and MIT’s “Driving Strategic Innovation” in Switzerland. He advocates their approach to practise-based research and, when appropriate, will refer to this with his clients. Since 2015 he has been an Adjunct Professor and a member of the School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship Industry Advisory Board at Swinburne University of Technology.


In 2016, David was one of ComputerWorld’s global Premier Technology Leaders.